Oil filter: Genuine/OEM vs. Third party

The difference between third party and genuine oil filter

Most of us have asked ourselves the question “Why should I choose genuine or OEM oil filter, whereas a third party filter is supposingly of the same quality and much cheaper?” At Autohaus Dietler we always try to offer the best value for money to our customer. The real question of course is: “Why is the use of genuine or OEM oil filters strongly recommended by us?” The answer is simple: because of the higher quality. This includes filter body material and exact measurements.

Modern engines generating much higher oil pressure than the older engine generation. This guarantees the lubrication of all moving parts. An oil filter must be hard enough to withstand that pressure but in the same time permeable enough to ensure the barrier-free oil flow.

Bellow is the comparison between a third party oil filter and a genuine Mercedes-Benz filter pulled out of 2.5l diesel engines.

comparison: third party filter and genuine oil filter

Used third party oil filter
Used third party oil filter from an in Australia very popular manufacturer with visible deformations. Due to higher oil pressure and poor fitting accuracy the filter was pressed together
Used genuine filter
Used genuine Mercedes-Benz oil filter. Still in perfect shape and no deformations.


The visual differences between a used third party and genuine oil filters are shown in the pictures above are apparent. Due to inferior quality, the third-party filter was deformed, which caused inconsistencies in oil flow and engine light indication. We would like to reassure our existing customers that from the day one Autohaus Dietler does not install third party oil filter.

To all other readers, we would like to draw attention to the following: In order to avoid engine damages and costly repairs, please take time to check with your mechanic that they exclusively install genuine or OEM oil filters when servicing your car.

Mercedes-Benz C200 Noisy Cold Start

The loud noise is the result of poor servicing and usage of third party oil filters. The third party filter prevents the oil pump to generate enough oil pressure to lubricate all moving parts.