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Commercial Car Servicing

Maintenance and repair

Commercial car servicing

Fleet Servicing

Your business fleet is essential to keep your business running and is therefore often in use. We offer specially tailored commercial car fleet-service packages to you! From the Axle to Wing nuts, we will take care of your vehicles so you can take care of your business without worry.

Fleet Discounts

At our workshop, you will receive quality of service at business-conditions for your entire fleet. Call us now to receive discounts for your next fleet services!

Direct Reception

With direct reception of your vehicle, you will have transparency: We will check over your vehicle with you so you will know immediately which repairs are necessary.

Collect and Return Service

Your vehicle is due for a service, but you are very busy and cannot find the time to bring it to our workshop?Autohaus Dietler will gladly collect your car and return it to you after repair or inspection. With our Collect and Return Service, you are unrestricted and will remain mobile.

Genuine and OEM Parts 

You not only do you expect excellence from your mechanic workshop, but also that the replacement parts are of top quality. Therefore, we only use Genuine and OEM parts to carry out services and repairs according to manufacturer guidelines.

Check Over and RWC 

We carry out professional inspections of your vehicle according to manufacturer guidelines. With new vehicles and factory-outlet cars, the manufacturer warranty is maintained. Our trained technical staff utilises replacement parts of Genuine and OEM quality from leading brand manufacturers, as those ensure durability and safety.

Special Hours

Servicing is not a question of the time of the day. So that you do not have to interrupt your work day, Autohaus Dietler will service your vehicles only when they are not in use. For this we have arranged special servicing hours alongside our regular hours of operation. Please contact us for more information.

genuine and OEM parts vs counterfeit parts

Fake Elvis is funny – fake parts are not!

Mercedes-Benz Servicing - Autohaus Dietler

Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we strongly recommend to avoiding the use of third party spare parts and we urge you to stay aware of counterfeit products. Unlike a counterfeit luxury watch or handbag, fake parts are dangerous and will compromise your safety.

Counterfeit Parts are a safety risk!
For example, fake brake pads extend the braking distance up to 15 metres. In worse cases they can break and cause significant damages to you, your car and other people.

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